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Telephone Skills – Handling Wildlife Emergency Calls

The information and emergency phone line 
is THE most important step in the wildlife rehabilitation process. 

When a person calls a wildlife center with an injured, orphaned, or sick wild animal, the ensuing conversation may be THE MOST IMPORTANT conversation in that animal’s life.

The decisions made by the finder will have an immense impact on its future.

In wildlife rehabilitation, much emphasis is placed on techniques, diet, and housing (and rightfully so), BUT having the right information during THE BEGINNING of the process is a CRITICAL STEP in the rehabilitation of that animal.


The volunteer who answers the phone is an important link between the wildlife center, the finder, and the animal. For the organization: you are THE representative that will leave a lasting first impression on the person calling. To the finder, you are their salvation from a very emotional situation.

For the animal, YOU are their lifeline to any chance of living a natural life.

Course Information:

This self-paced, non-accredited course will prepare the wildlife rehabilitation volunteer to answer emergency calls pertaining to injured, orphaned, and foundling wild animals.

This course includes:

  • Identifying Wildlife over the phone
  • Wildlife Education and Identification Resources
  • Wildlife Emergencies – Adult Animals
  • Abnormal Behavior / Rabies
  • Wildlife Emergencies – Baby Animals
  • Entrapment
  • Safety
  • Dealing with the Public
  • Verbal Judo and Personality Types
  • Wildlife Tips


A certificate will be awarded on completion of the course
for six training hours.


Enrollment Fee = $29.99

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Payment is made at the time of course selection.