Why Online Training?

WildlifeEDU’s online learning environment was developed to give the student the best of in-person training, along with the convenience of training at home.

However, our training does not leave you alone if you have questions. Students can email the instructor anytime with questions at peggy @ wildlifeedu.com (remove the spaces). If your question is more involved, or you need assistance walking through a lesson or the software, you’ll be given a number to call for help.

Learn at your own pace.

Our online training classes allow you to absorb the content at your own pace. There’s no worry about keeping up with faster class members or being held back by those who take more time to learn the material.

Set your own schedule

You can take the courses all at once, or break up the lessons over time.  Because there are no time constraints on the program, you can train anytime anywhere.

Review lessons as often as you want

In person and live broadcasts are finished when they end. Wildlifeedu lessons can be repeated as often as you wish.  Each lesson segment has a quiz to determine your progress. Sections and lessons can be repeated if you feel you don’t understand the material thoroughly.


You can get training in your home with no additional costs of attending training classes, such as hotel, travel and restaurant meal prices.

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