Wound Care, Bandaging and Splinting – Basics in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Most adult wild animals admitted for rehabilitation are suffering from injuries. Being able to properly address wounds and splint fractures are important skills for the wildlife rehabilitator. This course contains the essentials for helping an animal recover from traumatic injuries.


Introduction – Wound Terminology
Fracture Terminology
Fracture Placement
Basic Wound Care
Introduction to Bandaging
Bandaging Fractures
Applying a Figure 8 Bandage (Step-by-step with movies)
Applying a Figure 8 Bandage with a Body Wrap (Step-by-step with movies)
5-05 Bandaging Limbs (Step-by-step with movies)
5-06 Getting Creative with Bandaging

A certificate for 8 hours will be awarded on completion of the course.

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