The COMPLETE Course in Raising Neonatal Cottontails

Cottontail bunnies are the most frequent animal patients in many wildlife rehabilitation centers.


The developmental time from birth to weaning for bunnies is very short, and cottontails require fewer resources in time, space, and equipment than other baby mammal species. The high mortality rate, however, creates stress and frustration for the rehabilitator causing many rehabilitation centers to refuse bunnies or limit their intake.

Over two decades, Red Creek has developed protocols designed not only to duplicate what the bunny receives from the mother and the environment but also eliminating factors they would not normally be exposed to in nature.

In this course, the student will learn not only our protocols, but understand the reasons behind the methods so adjustments can be made in individual cases.

A written exam will be given at the end of class. A passing score is 80% . Students successfully passing the final exam receive a certificate for 12 hours of wildlife rehabilitation education.

Training Includes:

Understanding the Nest
Testing the Nest
Identifying True Emergencies
Aging Juveniles
Stress in Cottontails
Stabilization and the Cursory Exam
Determining Dehydration
Understanding Fluid Replacement Therapy
PH Balance Effect of Dehydration
Rehydration – How Much to Give
Rehydration – Administration Routes
Making a Neonatal Incubator
Understanding the Juvenile Cottontail’s Digestive System
Milk Formulas
Neonatal Care – Substrate and Stimulation
Neonatal Care – Feeding Protocols
Preventing Metabolic Bone Disease
Weaning 1
Weaning – Food Choices
Tularemia and Pox Virus
Cleaning and Disinfecting
Creating a Zoonosis Protocol

A certificate for 12 hours will be presented on successful completion of the course

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