Medical Math for the Wildlife Rehabilitator



Designed by veteran wildlife rehabilitator, Peggy Hentz, this medical math course takes you from the very simple to the complex in an understandable and easy to follow structured learning experience. 

The interactive problems will have you calculating in no time.

In wildlife rehabilitation, basic math calculations are needed when determining drug dosages, fluid therapy and feeding amounts.

In addition to being able to formulate and solve mathematical problems, the wildlife rehabilitator needs to be proficient in the use of several instruments of measure such as the weight scale and syringes.

An understanding of the metric system and the ability to covert to and from the US customary units is essential to proficiency in medical math.



During this course, we will cover all of the necessary skills to calculate accurate drug dosing and fluid therapy for animals. The course is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Comparative (Ratio) Math – the basis of proficient calculations
  • Drug dosage calculations
  • Understanding the metric system
  • Tools of the trade
  • Fluid Therapy


Course Information:

This self-paced, non-accredited course will prepare the wildlife rehabilitator to calculate various drug dosages as well as administer correct fluid therapy for dehydrated animals.

  • Ratio Mathematics
  • Mastering Drug Dosing
  • Metrics Made Easy for the Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • The Metric Conversion
  • Temperature conversion
  • Reading Syringes
  • Insulin Syringes
  • Needle Gauges
  • Understanding and Interpreting Drug Labeling
  • Diluting Medications
  • Reading Prescriptions
  • Scales
  • Formulary
  • Percentages
  • Stomach Capacity
  • Daily Fluid Requirements
  • Fluid Replacement Calculations
  • Step by Step Re-hydration
  • Finding the Whole of a Percentage (Normal Body Weight)
  • Three Day Re-hydration Protocol

A certificate will be awarded on completion of the course for six training hours.



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